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Both Albin and Jenny thrive on sharing their combined passion for cooking with others - evident by the successful patronage of local and foreign visitors alike - both locals and those from abroad delight in discovering and absorbing the unending facets of cooking. Fresh, high quality ingredients, along with tried and tested methods of cooking, are used to create culinary feasts.

We'll design a custom made cooking course just for you and your group - cookery classes are tailor-made to clients specifications - any facet of food preparation is possible - from cake baking to curry making , from the art of food presentation to menu compilation; puddings and pastries - from basic to advanced - we are happy to teach anything we know.......after all, there is no sincerer love than the love of food !

In this age of rampant consumerism, instant gratification ( fast foods ), and mass production, there are still people out there who are searching for a QUALITY EXPERIENCE that is special - Kilzers Kitchen offers teambuilding courses and cookery courses that provide just such a quality experience. Everyone, without exception, returns to home base with the urge to experiment and put into practise the culinary skills instilled during the course.

Classes never exceed 10 students at a time , allowing for close individual tuition, attention and supervision. Emphasis is on a relaxed enjoyable time in the kitchen, as one becomes acquainted with culinary skills and techniques, both simple and advanced - this makes for a challenging class in a relaxed environment. Creativity in cooking is encouraged and stimulated - there is an overwhelming trend today to return to basics - the result is food preparation that is honest, simple and at the same time, elegant and tasty.

In summary - our courses are designed to teach and stimulate a vast cross section of people - whether in a private or business capacity.This is done in the relaxed environment of our custom designed kitchen - the classes are conducted in an informal manner, with a glass of sherry thrown in here and there as well !!

On a weekly basis we enjoy our Wednesday "YOU LOOK WE COOK" evenings, whereby Albin and Jenny prepare a 3 course dinner in front of the diners. Guests arrive at 7.00 pm to be greeted with a famous tot of" Jenny's Gin" - a combination of strawberries, gin and fresh lavender ,as well as mouthwatering appetizers. At 7.30 there is a general round-up of all the visitors, who are then entertained with a floor show by the husband and wife team - amidst general mayhem and plenty of laughter.Once guests have been given a run-down of what their dinner is all about - they are then shown to tables laid up according to individual reservations- where they are pampered and served the pre-demonstrated meal.

All guests staying at Guadeloupe are most welcome to join us by arrangement for dinner at the Cook and Look every Wednesday evening, as well as the general public. This is yet another QUALITY EXPERIENCE on offer at Kilzers Kitchen - an evening not to be missed!!

Kilzers Kitchen is also an ideal venue for a small conference - we have the infrastructure to accommodate and cater for a small conference of not more than 40 delegates - we have the facilities to serve morning and afternoon teas, as well as a tasty luncheon prepared in the specially designed kitchen as well.

Kilzers Kiltchen offers a full range of QUALITY EXPERIENCES as listed below:


  • Corporate Entertainment / corporate • Functions
  • Brainstorming sessions
  • Training courses
  • Customised "company days" -
  • Corporate "away" days or Weekend breaks
  • Teambuilding sessions/events
  • Seminars/conferences/symposiums
  • Workshops
  • Exhibitions
  • Gala dinners
  • Product launches
  • Press Release venue
  • Client entertaining
  • Wine tastings


  • Wedding receptions
  • Birthday parties
  • Anniversary Celebrations
  • Theme parties e.g masked balls
  • Childrens cookery classes
  • Cookery classes for Bachelors
  • Cookery classes for private groups of friends
  • Training individuals to work on yachts